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Over the past 300 years there have been thousands of women who have played the piano for pleasure, for profit, and even for romance. You may be surprised at how many women were and are outstanding classical concert pianists. This site lists the names of over 200 women who concertized on a national/ international level from 1750 to the present. There are links to the home pages of most of the living pianists listed, as well as a time-line of historical superstars. It is my wish that the lives of these artists will be an inspiration and motivation to women of all ages who love to play the piano. Suggestions and submissions of relevent links and material are welcome. -Rose Eide-Altman, editor

PianoWomen news: Alicia de Larrocha dies on September 25, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain at the age of 86: BBC news article

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